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Why Must I Pay Twice For The Same Content?

August 10, 2010

Like many, I love to listen to audiobooks. Given that I read slowly, it allows me to get through books that interest me much quicker. In addition, it gives me greater flexibility as I can listen to the book while I drive.

For many books, such as novels, one listen to the book is sufficient. However as I mainly like to read business and marketing books, there are times where I would like to listen to the audiobook and yet have a copy of the ebook as a reference.

Yet today, assuming that I don’t want to rip a copy, it seems that my only option is to pay once for the audiobook and a second time for the ebook. This doesn’t seem reasonable to me.

It seems that the book publishing industry is still caught up in the old world model much like a large part of the newspaper and magazine industry. I want author’s and publisher’s to receive reasonable revenues but why should I have to pay twice for the same content?

And why can’t I buy an ebook once and use it on my iPad when it suits me and my Kindle when I want to read outdoors on a bright sunny day. Well, I guess the device manufacturers such as Apple and Amazon are responsible for this one together with the publishers.

I feel it is reasonable for book publishers to charge a premium if I want both the audiobook and the ebook but not double. And portability between devices should be a given.

And what about book rentals? There are many books that I would love to read but don’t want to buy all of them. In the physical world I can take them out at a library. Why can’t I do the same in the digital world?

This unfairness has miffed me for a long time. What do you think?

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Is Constant Connectivity Costing You a Bundle?

June 30, 2010

Efficient Use of Time is Essential.

In this competitive age, efficient utilization of resources is essential to stay ahead of the game and there is no resource that is more valuable than our time. Yet with constant connectivity, we are bombarded daily with a barrage of phone calls, email, IM and Social Network notifications that make us feel compelled (or addicted) to respond to in real time.

Time Interrupts are Inefficient.

In addition to the electronic interrupts, there are the constant barrage of impromptu meetings that occur in the office throughout the day. With all these interrupts it is a wonder that we get anything done at all. What is the cost of this lost productivity?

Carve Out Some Time.

It is essential that you set some time aside each day where you can work in a uninterrupted fashion. In my case, this is early in the morning before I get to the office. In his blog posting “Breaking the email addiction” in the Harvard Business Review, Tony Schwartz gives some suggestions on how to wean yourself off the need to constantly stay connected.

Are you able to disconnect regularly? Do you schedule “uninterrupted” time? Let me know.

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Just Get Started!

April 27, 2010

The biggest hurdle is is our doubts

Have you ever hesitated to start a project that you really would like to do?  Whether it’s losing weight, learning a language or maybe starting your own business, we often get overwhelmed by the enormity of the project and end up procrastinating.

Focus on the individual tasks

By breaking your mission into interim steps or goals, you will often realize that each one of these steps is attainable. Don’t worry about the length of the task list. Focus only on an individual task, the next task. And once you get started, the achievements of each step along the way will give you a sense of accomplishment and an increasing sense of confidence and motivation.

Start with the easy Steps

While some projects require steps to be performed sequentially, there will often be many steps which are not dependent on others. It is best to begin with easy steps that are quickly attainable. This will increase the likelihood of quick results and reduce risk of early discouragement. More difficult steps can be tackled later on once you are on a role.

Celebrate Successes along the way

You don’t have to wait until the project is complete to celebrate success. Completion of each step along the way is an achievement. Feel good about moving closer to your goal. Celebrating accomplishment along the way will help motivate you through the more difficult steps still to come.

Don’t Put it Off!

So why keep going over it in you head. Why only thinking about where you want to be? Don’t let your doubts delay your dreams. Just Get started!

Let me know how it goes.

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Do you love your fish?

March 29, 2010

The current wisdom is not always the best approach.

I have never been comfortable with limits that others place on me. I know there are accepted norms or rules of thumb that people use to look into the future but they are all of course based upon conventional wisdoms.

In his recent humorous and insightful Ted Talk “How I fell in love with a Fish” chef Dan Barber looks at the wisdom (or lack thereof) in the current agribusiness model and proposes innovative alternative approaches. He recounts a number of anecdotes about current industry practices and how they are justified by their objectives of making large amounts of food available at the lowest possible cost. Dan points out that while the output is indeed plentiful and produced at a low cost, it often does not taste good and the practices are not sustainable.

We each have the power to make a real difference on the world and in our lives.

In business as well as in life, I believe we must constantly be looking at how things are currently being done and asking ourselves what could make it better. I have always said that acceptance of the status quo by definition will not bring about change and will not advance the cause.

In today’s competitive would, those individuals and companies who are capable of bucking accepted truths will be the true winners.

Next Month, Business Week will publish their list of the Most Innovative Companies of 2010. Who do you think will be on the list? Not surprisingly, Apple and Google topped last year’s list. Just think about their innovations have changed our lives in music, wireless and how we use the web.

Don’t settle for the status quo.

Tomorrow when you start your day, rather than make it business as usual, ask yourself “how can I make a change that will make a difference?”

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How do you grow your business?

March 18, 2010

Whatever your current marketing strategy, one thing is for certain, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy must be part of the mix.

Traditionally, when entrepreneurs sought to grow their business they turned to conventional means such as print and broadcast media advertising, trade shows etc.

As Internet use became ubiquitous these marketing strategies evolved and entrepreneurs flocked online with their messages, spending considerable time and money perfecting their corporate websites and utilizing key word advertising to drive prospects there.

Mitch Joel says that now “more and more people are having their first brand interaction on their mobile device. There are many people who are also connecting to brands for the first time in spaces like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.”

Does this mean your website doesn’t matter any more? Or that you no longer need to bother attending trade shows? Does this mean that social media is the beginning and the end of your marketing strategy? I don’t think so.

Cutting edge social media channels need to be used together with more established online techniques. There still is a place for websites and trade shows as long as they evolve with the times.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I am looking to make a purchase, I always turn to the internet first. I still use searches and look at company websites but clearly, mobility will play a increasing factor. Gartner predicts that by 2013, mobile phones will replace PCs as the most common device for Web access.

But think of it this way, if you think of Twitter or Facebook like a large trade show floor where all of your past, present and future customers congregate and talk about your company and your product, wouldn’t you want to be there and be part of that conversation?

There is no more powerful means of marketing than engaging directly with your customers.

Let me know what you think!

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