We all owe much to Apple!

With much of the media focusing on Apple’s problems with the iPhone 4’s antenna, I can’t help but comment on how much all consumers have benefitted from the iPhone.

Clearly, Apple wasn’t first to invent cell phones. And even when they did enter the market, the iPhone lacked some features that existing phones had for years. At that time, I can remember how I liked being able to use my Palm Trio to access the web and keep tabs on the Habs score while out for dinner on a Saturday night. But it was slow and while better than my previous phones, it was still painful.

Then I got an iPhone. While lacking many features such as cut and paste, MMS and multitasking, the usability and quality of the experience in accessing the Internet and getting information anytime and anywhere went through the roof.

Now Apple is still a company like any other, which mean we cannot expect them to be perfect. They will make mistakes. It is too early to tell the how the story regarding iPhone 4’s antenna problem will play out. There are too many still unknown fact.

That being said Apple could handle the issue better and needs to get ahead of the story. With the increasing expectation of openness and transparency of todays digital world, I agree completely with Ben Parr, Mashable’s co-editor, who in his blog post today suggests that Apple should acknowledge the problem and rapidly deliver a solution. I also agree that a recall certainly does not seem necessary.

But despite all we know today regarding the antenna problem, the iPhone 4 is still rated as the best smartphone on the market today, on all of the major US carriers, according to Consumer Reports. Considering that Apple was not in the cell phone business until 3 years ago, it is remarkable that all the industry leaders such as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, HTC and RIM are following Apple’s lead and are all busy trying to produce iPhone killers. In fact, I am sure they will, and this is a good thing.

In a world in which Gartner predicts that mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device, whether you choose an iPhone, and HTC EVO, a Blackberry or any other smart phone for that matter, Apple’s leadership and obsession with a “great user experience” has raised the bar, and that helps all of us.

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