You can change the World!

I have never liked the word “CAN’T”. Time and again you come up against this word when you are trying to get something done when inevitably someone tells you all the reasons why it can’t be done.

There are rules, and the rules are perceived to be the truth. They are unquestioned because it has always been that way.

Many people follow how things have always been done before without raising a question. They often recognize that it does not make any sense but they never question the process. After all, “That how it has always be done”.

But the world can be changed. I have experienced it many times when a person is unable to accept that it can’t be done and perseveres until they have made a change. It could be as simple as changing the way something is done in the workplace, at school, or in your community.

Recently, I had to deal with a multi-billion dollar company. They, as is the case with many large companies, were bogged down with the inflexibility of longstanding policy and procedure. “We can’t do that” or “We don’t do that”. Rarely, does someone say, “well that makes sense, lets see what I can do”.

Fortunately, by making my case and through perseverance coupled with the foresight of a few people within that company, I succeeded in getting them to do things they had not done before. The outcome was a benefit to both their company and mine.

I am a big fan of TED and regularly watch TED Talks. Recently, I came across a TED Talk given by Seth Godin last year. I think it speaks strongly to the power of ideas and how they can be spread if you simply reach out to other like-minded individuals and persevere.

If you really care about something. If you want to make it happen. If you don’t give in to “Can’t”. You can make it happen.

Don’t believe me? Just give it a try!


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