Think about the User!

As Apple launches the iPad, their long awaited Tablet, I can’t help but wonder why they can generate so much excitement. This is not a one-off affair. Apple consistently generates incredible anticipation over any announcement they make. While sometimes their media events leave people underwhelmed, more often that not they deliver.

Why is that? I think it is because of their focus on “great product design’. They focus on the user experience and usability. Yes, there are always complaints about some missing features, however their products are generally designed to meet most of the requirements of most of the users most of the time.

This is how I became a Mac user after many years of using PCs.

It funny, it’s sometimes the little things that count. The attention to detail, ease of use and just the sense that the  company takes pride in making a great product appealed to me. Are they perfect? Are there no problems? No. Will others launch better products? Yes, no doubt.

And then when there are problems, and there always are even with the best products, the support given always makes me happy with my choice.

To be a market leader, one does not have to have the largest market share. Being an innovator and constantly striving to raise the bar in meeting user expectations allows companies to influence and change the world.

Apple does not hold exclusivity on great design. There are many other companies who put great product design and user experience at the top of their priority list. Unfortunately, I do not believe that the majority of companies do this consistently.

As the world becomes more connected and consumers have increasing information on all their options, I believe that if you want your company to stand out in the crowd you must first and foremost think of the user and deliver products with great design. You don’t have to have everything, but what you do have has to be great!

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